Inspire children to build, make, and innovate.

  • Kids programs from kindergarten and up.
  • Start with Legos, tinker toys, erector sets, then on to table top arts and crafts.

Create an inviting atmosphere to play and create.

  • Provide the materials and assistance to learn how to think 3 dimensionally.

Provide community access to a place to build things.

  • Provide and maintain a working facility with the equipment needed.

Teach arts and trades skills.

  • Provide quality instructors and classes to learn and experience.

Innovate sustainable technologies.

  • Work with sustainable raw materials to develop new materials,

Develop and teach circular economy in industry.

  • Demonstrate all byproducts can become new products.

Develop and provide the means to acquire clean water.

  • Demonstrate water capture and filtration technologies.

Inspire and teach the community to grow food.

  • Demonstrate and teach gardening methods.

Demonstrate and teach food preservation.

  • Demonstrate and teach canning, freezing, and fermentation in a kitchen facility.

Demonstrate and teach greenhouse construction and operations.

  • Build and operate onsite greenhouses.        

Demonstrate organic and ethical aquaculture.

  • Build and operate a working aquaculture system.

We value your right to access quality education regardless of your age or background.

Our Program Goals

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